Tennessee Name Change

Tennessee name changes are mostly a matter of filing a form or petition with your local court and paying a fee. The procedure to change your name is not overly complicated, and you will find that the information provided here will get you off to a good start.

What forms are required in Tennessee for a name change?

The State of Tennessee does not have a specific name change form. You must write your own petition to change the name, use a form prepared by a commercial service, or have an attorney write one for you. Click on the following link and search the Tennessee State Code for more details: Tennessee State Code Title 29, Chapter 8- Change of Name (Courtesy of Lexis-Nexis)

Where do I file the forms for a Tennessee name change?

The completed forms must be filed with the circuit, probate, or county court clerk of the county where you currently live.

Do I need to notarize the forms?

Check with your local courthouse.

Is there a filing fee for a name change in Tennessee?

Yes. Check with the clerk of the court to determine the cost. A fee waiver may generally be obtained with a showing of sufficient hardship.

Do I need to schedule a court hearing?

Yes. The clerk should schedule a hearing for you when you file your petition.

Do I need to publish something in a local newspaper?

Check with your local circuit court to determine whether you need to publish a notice of your petition to change your name or your hearing in a local paper.