Rhode Island Name Change

Changing your name in Rhode Island is a relatively simple procedure. Only one form is required, which you must complete and file with the proper court at which time you will be required to pay a fee. Here is more information that will help you navigate the process.

What forms are required for a Rhode Island name change?

The following form is required to change your name in Rhode Island:

  • Change of Name Form (Form PC-8.1)

This form can be found on the Rhode Island Secretary of State website.

Where do I file the forms for a name change in Rhode Island?

The completed form must be filed with the probate court clerk of the county where you currently live.

Do I need to notarize the forms?

Yes. Ask the clerk if he or she may perform the function of a notary public. If not, check with your bank. Banks often offer notary services for free for their account holders.

Is there a filing fee in Rhode Island for a name change?

Yes. Check with the court clerk to determine the amount. You may have the fee waived if you can show financial hardship.

Do I need to schedule a court hearing?

Yes. The court clerk will tell you the date of your court hearing.

Do I need to publish something in a local newspaper?

Yes. You must publish notice of your name change in a local newspaper. Ask the clerk for more information on when and where to publish your notice.