New Hampshire Name Change

A New Hampshire name change is easy to accomplish. In fact, New Hampshire requires only one form, which must be filed with the proper court. There is generally a fee, which varies from court to court. The information below will clarify the procedure and help you get started.

What forms are required for a name change in New Hampshire?

The following form is required to change your name in New Hampshire

Petition for Change of Name(form NHJB-2175-P)

This form can be found on the New Hampshire State Courts website.

Where do I file the name change forms?

The completed forms must be filed with the clerk of the superior or probate court in the county where you currently live.

Do I need to notarize the forms?


Is there a filing fee for a New Hampshire name change?

Check with your local courthouse.

Do I need to schedule a court hearing?

Check with your local courthouse. Sometimes courts require a hearing where you'll have to justify your name change so the court is assured that you're not trying to avoid a debt or creditors.

Do I need to publish something in a local newspaper?

Check with your local courthouse. Often courts require you to publish notice of your name change so any member of the community who might take issue with the change may come forward with any grievance.