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South Carolina Marriage

Tying the knot in South Carolina requires a valid South Carolina marriage license. Minors must get the consent of their parents before the state will issue a marriage license. South Carolina also recognizes common law marriages. The details on establishing a common law marriage, as well as the other requirements of South Carolina marriage laws are identified below.


South Carolina Marriage Consent Laws

  • With Parental Consent: 16 and 17 year-olds can marry in South Carolina only with the consent of a parent.
  • Without Parental Consent: Adults 18 and older need not obtain parental consent to marry in South Carolina.


South Carolina Common Law Marriage

South Carolina continues to recognize common law marriages. Establishing a common law marriage requires proof of just two elements: (1) present intent of the parties, such as a public declaration of intent to be married, and (2) a mutual agreement between the parties to be husband and wife.


South Carolina Marriage License

  • Residency:  No residency requirement.
  • Tests: None.
  • Identification Required:  Driver’s license or other standard form of identification, plus a social security number.
  • Appearance/Proxy: Proxy marriages are not allowed in South Carolina. Both parties must be present at the time of the application.
  • Previous Marriages:  Previously married individuals do not have to show any proof that the marriage ended.
  • Length of License:  No expiration.
  • Fees:  Vary by county, but generally vary from $50 to $70.
  • Authorized South Carolina Officiants:  Judges, justices of the peace, and any ordained minister.

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