Wisconsin Divorce Laws & Resources

If you’re interested in learning more about the laws on divorce in the state of Wisconsin, take a look at the links and resources provided below. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but it should give you a head start towards different paths that your own research might take. Of course, you might also decide that you’d like to research the Wisconsin Code yourself, or just consult a Wisconsin attorney specializing in divorce law.


Wisconsin Divorce Resources:

Wisconsin State Law Library: This website, operated by the Wisconsin state law library, provides some helpful plain-language information on dissolution procedures, obtaining forms, and court standards for divorce in the state. The site also provides some forms for particular counties in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Domestic Violence: This excellent resource includes names and phone numbers for anti-domestic violence assistance programs for every county in Wisconsin, along with links to statewide services such as the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Free Advice Divorce Articles:

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Wisconsin Divorce/Child Support/Child Custody Lawyers:

Find an experienced Wisconsin Divorce Attorney at AttorneyPages.com
Find an experienced Child Support Lawyer or Custody Lawyer at AttorneyPages.com
Post your case to a Wisconsin Divorce Lawyer
How a Family Lawyer Can Help

Wisconsin Online Divorce Services:

LegalZoom.com – An online documentation service that helps users file for divorce.
CompleteCase.com – Offers an affordable way to file for uncontested divorces online.

Wisconsin Divorce Laws: Click below to find the Wisconsin Divorce laws you’re looking for:

Wisconsin Divorce & Separation
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