New Jersey Divorce Laws & Resources

If you're interested in finding out more about divorce laws in New Jersey, you may find the information, resources, and other links listed below to be useful. Of course, the information is not exhaustive, but may get you started in researching areas of particular importance to you. Furthermore, you may also want to explore the New Jersey statutes yourself, or simply seek out a New Jersey attorney specializing in divorce law.

New Jersey Divorce Resources:

Domestic Violence: This excellent resource includes comprehensive listings for anti-domestic violence assistance programs for every county in New Jersey, along with a list of statewide services.

New Jersey Family & Relationships Legal Services: This self-help guide to legal services in New Jersey provides a wealth of useful and practical information on the realities of going to court, pursuing litigation, getting service of process, and other information on obtaining legal services, especially for low-income residents of New Jersey.

New Jersey Judiciary Online: Self-Help Resource Center: This online self-help center, operated by the New Jersey Judiciary, includes information about what the court can and cannot do, contact information, brochures, forms, and instructions. The materials are offered primarily as a service for those who choose to represent themselves rather than hire an attorney.

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New Jersey Family Law Statutes:

New Jersey Legal Separation: NJS 2A:34-3, 2A:34-23

New Jersey Divorce:
Grounds/Fault - No-Fault: NJS 2A:34-2
Residency/Where to File: NJS NJS 2A:34-8, 2A:34-10
Divorce Mediation: NJS 2A:34-12.5
Annulment: NJS 2A:34-1, 20; 37:1-1

New Jersey Divorce and Finances:
Property Division/Debts: NJS 2A: 34-23, 2A:34-23.1
Spousal Support: NJS 2A: 34-23

New Jersey Divorce and Children:
Child Custody: NJS 9:2-4
Child Support: NJS 2A:34-23

New Jersey Divorce/Child Support/Child Custody Lawyers:
Find an experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney at
Find an experienced New Jersey Child Support/Custody Lawyer at
How a Family Lawyer Can Help

New Jersey Online Divorce Services: – An online documentation service that helps users file for divorce.– Offers an affordable way to file for uncontested divorces online.

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