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The state of Nevada consistently has the highest divorce rate in the United States, due mainly to the state's small population and liberal marriage laws. In 2007, there were over 16,000 divorces granted in Nevada. If you are among those going through marital strife and contemplating a separation or divorce within Nevada, you are well aware of the stress and uncertainty involved in the process. The information that follows is aimed at pointing you to important resources on Nevada separation and divorce, such as links to Nevada laws governing the divorce process, separation, divorce and finances, child custody and support, Nevada divorce resources, and Nevada divorce attorneys. You'll also find comprehensive articles on pertinent general divorce topics such as the tax consequences of divorce, divorce and estate planning, and the effect of premarital agreements on divorce. You may find it most helpful to get some background by reading these general divorce articles first, then progressing on to the specific Nevada divorce laws. For a list of our general divorce articles, see Nevada Divorce Laws & Resources and look for the list of FreeAdvice Divorce Articles.

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