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Idaho Divorce Laws & Resources

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If you’d like to learn more about Idaho divorce laws, take a look at the additional Idaho divorce information, links, and resources listed below. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but should give you some ideas on further research, such as referencing the specific Idaho statutes yourself. Alternatively, you might just decide to consult an Idaho attorney specializing in divorce law.


Idaho Divorce Resources:

Idaho Domestic Violence Crisis and Support Resources: Contact information for Idaho domestic violence shelters, crisis centers, safe houses, and violence prevention programs. The site also offers links to Idaho resources for legal aid, legal forms, Idaho attorney general, law enforcement, child abuse, child support, social services, finding a lawyer, finding a counselor, and more. 

Idaho Statutes Search Page: Search all Idaho statutes by specific number. See the list of relevant Idaho family law statutes below for specific citations.

Idaho Supreme Court Self-Help Center: This is a Court Assistance Office online project, a statewide public service website dedicated to helping self-represented people make better use of the court system in Idaho. Divorce information, name change data, and other family law instructions can be downloaded or filled out online.

Free Advice Divorce Articles:

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Idaho Family Law Statutes (Code):

Idaho Legal Separation: 32-603

Idaho Divorce:
Grounds/Fault – No-Fault: 32-603, -610
Residency/Where to File: 5-404
Annulment: 32-501
Mediation: 32-716
Simplified Divorce: 32-917, -918

Idaho Divorce and Finances:
Property Division/Debts: 32-712, -903
Spousal Support: 32-705

Idaho Divorce and Children:
Child Custody: 32-717
Child Support: 32-706, -706a

Idaho Divorce/Child Support/Child Custody Lawyers:

Find an experienced Idaho Divorce Attorney at
Find an experienced Child Support Lawyer or Custody Lawyer at
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How a Family Lawyer Can Help

Idaho Online Divorce Services: – An online documentation service that helps users file for divorce. – Offers an affordable way to file for uncontested divorces online.

Idaho Divorce Laws: Click below to find the Idaho Divorce laws you’re looking for: 

Idaho Divorce Law, Lawyers & Attorneys
Idaho Divorce & Separation
Idaho Divorce & Finances
Idaho Child Custody & Idaho Child Support

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